The Swilley’s (Revival In The Family)

Does your marriage or relationship need a touch of life? Are you looking for answers in parenting your kids? Voice For Europe had the opportunity to sit down with Apostle Duane and Prophetess Deborah Swilley, and discuss family. Family is so important both in the church, and outside. Watch as Duane and Deborah share some practical tips on how to get the presence of God in your family.

Christmas, The Updated Version

In Europe there are so many ways to celebrate the Christmas season. Though what is it that truly unites us? It is the story of Jesus, and how he came down to earth. Though over the centuries the story of Christmas has gone through some changes due to religious and human traditions. It’s time to return back to the true reason for the season! Jesus! Read more about the updated version of the Christmas story by clicking the link.

Janusz Szarzec

Pastor Janusz Szarzec is one of the pastors of the Church of Glory-Warsaw, Poland. Since the 1980’s, Pastor Janusz has been a pioneer of founding and building non-denominational churches in Poland.

Entering Your Promised Land

Do you feel that you are wondering in the desert of life, and have not yet entered into the things God has promised you? Many people feel like that all over Europe, and are waiting for a breakthrough. The time of wondering is over, and the time of entering the ‘Promise Land’ is upon us. How do we as the people of God enter the Promised Land? Click the link to find out more!

Dominion (David Ndlovu)

Pastor David Ndlovu shares a quick and powerful thought on the word ‘dominion.’ He states, “We must not be religious by leaving all the responsibility in the hands of God, there are things we can control, because the authority has been delegated to us by God.” Click the link to read more of this great message.

Grace: The Power To Get The Job Done

Grace was one of those words like faith or blessing, that I never seemed to actually experience in my Christian life. It was not until I got into a real move of God, did I start seeing grace activated in my life. Why? Grace comes by faith (Romans 5:2), and the Holy Spirit. In addition, I had a ‘audience’ mentality when it came to church, instead of a participant mentality. When I learned I could participate in God’s business, then grace began to flow into my life.

New Reformation (Pastor Janusz Szarzec)

In 2017, Europe and the world celebrated the 500th anniversary of the great Protestant Reformation initiated by Dr. Martin Luther. On the 31st of October 1517, In Wittenberg, Germany, his placed his famous 95 theses on the door of the cathedral. Read more as Pastor Janusz shares some great insight on this event, and how God is stirring a ‘New Reformation’ the European church.