Church of Glory Poland Live Stream (Sunday, November 11th, 2018)

Today we celebrated a very special service commemorating 100 years of freedom in Poland (1918-2018). Pastor Ula leads us in the Polish national anthem, and Senior Pastor Marcin Podżorski shares an incredible message. Join us live every Friday and Sunday for prayer, worship, and a powerful message from Pastor Ula Podżorska. This is our pre-recorded service from November 11th, 2018.

Pawel, Faith For A Financial Breakthrough

Paweł attended our “Warsaw On Fire For Jesus,” meetings in October 2018 with Dr. Peter Gammons. He heard some messages on finances, but wasn’t so sure why there were so many messages on money. God began to soften his heart towards the WORD, and faith was activated in his heart. Just a few weeks later, a financial breakthrough happened in his life. Tune in to hear the rest, and see how God provides for those who sow into God’s people.

Kasia, God Healed My Daughter

Just shortly after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kaisa found herself in a battle to save her daughters life. Doctors gave a bad report, and everything was looking bad for this new baby. Through faith in God Kaisa and her husband stood in faith. Watch this video to catch the rest, and hear what God did for this family.