Church of Glory was founded in the early 90’s in Warsaw, Poland. The Church was birthed as a result of the ‘faith movement.’ Leaders such as Moris Cerullo, Dr. T.L. Osborn, Rick Renner, Ulf Ekman and Dr. Jonathan David held conferences in Poland. These ministries and their teachings had a major impact on the ministry of Church of Glory.

Equipping Leaders

In 1995, Church of Glory established a bible school that offered weekly ministerial training in Warsaw. In 1999, the school developed into a training center that opened up for all believers. The bible school offered the opportunity for hundreds of students, all over Poland to be equipped to work efficiently for God.

The Foundation and Cel Magazine

In 2004, the church established a non-for profit foundation called, “A Hope For The Future.” This organization was created to increase Church of Glory’s influence in Polish society. Soon after, a Christian magazine entitled, “CEL,” was created from the foundation. It was one of the most cutting edge, and opinion forming magazines among evangelical churches in Poland. The magazine was published and printed from 2004 to 2012. In 2012 it was replaced by the electronic version (, and can be viewed online for free today.

Building Bridges: Touching the Jewish Community

Church of Glory and the Foundation have been proactive in reaching out to the Jewish community here in Warsaw, and abroad. Their many philanthropic events over the years, were warmly received, and celebrated by the Jewish community. Both the foundation and Church of Glory took great strides in developing relationships between Jews and Poles. These efforts (from both groups) were highly appreciated by Embassy of Israel in Poland.  For example, a generous offering was taken in 2002 for Jewish victims of Palestinian suicide attacks. These financial gifts were presented to the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw. Due to such collaboration, Church of Glory received an honorary award from their Jewish counterparts.

God’s School of Leaders

From 2007 to 2010, Church of Glory established and led the ‘School For God’s Leaders’, which gathered many student leaders from all over Poland. In 2015, the School of Leaders was once again re-established, and focused on raising up leaders for the next move of God in Europe. It boasts of weekly classes, and lasts a semester at a time. There are classes on worship, the bible, children and youth ministry, and more. If you are interested in attending the School Leaders, please contact our office, or Pastor Janusz Szarzec ( For more information on when classes start, please review our website.

Church of Glory Worship

Over the years, Church of Glory has created fantastic original worship music. Our many original songs have been recorded on various worship CD’s, and are available for sale. Music from Church of Glory is played in churches all over Poland, and around the world. You can locate clips of this music on Youtube, and see for yourself how powerful it is.

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