Marcin and Urszula Podżorski

The founders and Senior Pastors of Church of Glory.

Pastor Marcin Podżorski is the chairman of the church, and oversees all aspects of the Church of Glory ministries. He is a man of great vision, faith, and has a pioneering spirit.
Urszula Palonka Podżorska was originally a professional opera singer. However, today she supports her husband in the ministry as a senior pastor. She supports his vision, and she leads the intercessory prayer meetings for the church.

They have two children, and reside in Warsaw.

  • If you are a minister or individual who would like to get in contact with Pastor Marcin, please email our church office at:

Janusz Szarzec

One of the pastors of the Church of Glory. Since the 1980’s, Pastor Janusz has been a pioneer of founding, and building non-denominational churches in Poland. For over 25 years, he has taught the Word Of God. This includes in the church, as a pastor, as the dean of a Bible school, conference speaker, translator for foreign guests, and a person who shapes the future generation of young leaders.

Pastor Janusz is known for his vast theological knowledge, and biblical expertise. He received his Bible School degree from a school in Uppsala, Sweden. With his experience in leading the church, and his vast biblical knowledge, Pastor Janusz is helping equipt people to fulfill the call of God on their life.

He currently lives in Warsaw with his wife.

  • To contact Pastor Janusz, please email our church office:

Agnieszka Onyszczuk

Since its beginning, Pastor Agnieszka Onyszcuk has been one of the founding leaders of Church of Glory. She has been a major contributor to the development of the church. She has strong prophetic insight, and leads people to personal and spiritual freedom. She often preaches at the Sunday morning meetings, and at conferences organized by the church. Her message is very radical – challenging believers to sanctify themselves for Jesus, and to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

She lives in Warsaw with her husband and 2 children.


Urszula Jankowska–Matan

Urszula is the worship leader of  Church of Glory. She has her doctorate in vocal performance, is a musician, and an educator. She worked as an opera singer over 20 years, and has been a member of Church of Glory for over 20 years. She has composed many worship songs, and translated them into English. Her songs are widely known in Poland, and abroad.

She lives in Warsaw with her husband and son.

  • If you have any questions about Sound of Glory, or would like to get in touch with worship pastor Urszula Matan, please  contact our church office, and request to speak with her:

Marta Wróbel

She is a chairwoman of the Foundation, ‘Hope For The Future,’ and the editor-in-chief of the online Christian Magazine “CEL.” Marta is a cultural animator and philologist. She  graduated from the School of Social Sciences, at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (PAN) in Poland. She works with non-governmental organizations, and is the Executive Director of Fundraising. She has been involved  in building relationships between Polish and Jewish entities. She also participates in projects supporting relationships between Poland and Israel.

She has been a member of Church of Glory since 1997.

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