Pastor Marcin Podżorski: Prioritizing For His Presence

Many people live like those who work hard, but nothing seems to accumulate. Why is it like that? Pastor Marcin shares out of the book of Haggai, explaining why some gain, and some lose. If churches in Europe and around the world want a true move of God, or want to move forward in life they need to understand how God thinks. Join Pastor Marcin as he explains how to prioritize for the presence of God, and how to gain in life.

Dustin Smith on Voice For Europe |Worship and Revival|

Does your marriage or relationship need a touch of life? Are you looking for answers in parenting your kids? Voice For Europe had the opportunity to sit down with Apostle Duane and Prophetess Deborah Swilley, and discuss family. Family is so important both in the church, and outside. Watch as Duane and Deborah share some practical tips on how to get the presence of God in your family.