Partner with us in touching Poland, and Europe!

God is moving powerfully in Poland, and the European continent. Maybe you cannot physically be here to help, but there are ways to help partner in what God is doing. We need people who have a heart for Europe and the Polish people. Those who can pray, connect with us, share our cause, and give generously. The time to bring change to Poland and Europe is now! See below for more information for how you can get involved.

Why Partner with us?

Pastor Marcin and Church of Glory are being used by God to help change the nation of Poland, and bring much needed life to the European continent. He has personally partnered with other ministries around the world, and understands the change it truly brings. Partnership means walking together in unity, with the same mindset, and direction. So if you have ever thought about touching the nations, partnership is the easiest way to get involved. Being partnered with Church of Glory means, that you are helping us reach an attainable goal to touch the lives of Polish people today. This is something that could not be done without the careful support of others.

“Partnership is a natural key to releasing God’s power to bring change in our personal lives, and the world.”

Stay connected with us

Church of Glory has it’s main headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and oversees other groups and churches throughout Poland. You can catch all of our services live on our website, or our You Tube Channel. Plus, our social media outlets help you stay up to date with the latest news and events. We’re hoping that as you connect and partner with us, that your heart for Poland and the Polish people will continue to grow.

For decades after World War II, Poland was under the former Soviet Union. It was a time of religious persecution, and oppression. Since 1989, Poland and other Eastern European countries have regained their full freedoms, including religious freedom. Though on the outside the people in places like Poland are ‘free,’ their lives need the true freedom only Jesus can bring. Staying connected with us, and partnering with God is doing here enables us all to bring true freedom to people who need it the most. Your valuable time, interest, and generous donations go directly to this cause. If you ever wanted to touch lives in Eastern Europe, or even specifically Poland, that day is today!

Won’t you consider getting connected to us, and participating in a move of God that is restoring the lives of people all over Europe. You could be like those in the New Testament that partnered with Paul the Apostle, and help spread the gospel to the nation of Poland, and abroad.

Partner with us today


Thank you for considering to partner with us. Each donation you generously sow, goes to touching Poland, and Europe. If you need to reach us concerning partnering with our ministry, you can contact Mary Seidler, who can assist you with obtaining further information.

She can be reached at at: