Leaving Spiritual Blindness

Don’t miss this incredable message for 2018 from Pastor Marcin Podżorski. Spiritual blindness affects people all over, and Pastor Marcin shares how a person can regain their spiritual sight. This is a true revival message that you won’t want to miss. Click the link to read more of this incredible message.

Mantle Abandonment

As I’m discussing mantles, let’s address another dimension that I call “mantle abandonment.” This is seen in the book of Ruth. Naomi sought the blessing in Moab, because in Bethlehem (i.e. the house of bread) they ran out of bread…

Your Mantle, Your Calling

One of the best things about walking with God is discovering new things about him, and what he is able to do. Since his word is living and active, that means there’s something new from heaven each day. God is such a good father, friend, defender, refuge, warrior, king, and provider.