This book contains revelation that will take you to higher dimensions of God:

  1. Get the ability to find your local church on the spiritual map!
  2. Position your church’s work in God’s plans!
  3. Use section: “What it means for us” under each chapter!
  4. Find section: “Practical implications” to get more inspiration and hints for you, and your church!

Get ready for God’s work!

Pastor Marcin Podżorski

Dear Pastor! Dear leader! Dear brother or sister in Christ!

Do you want to receive a revelation of the local church, one that is key to building a healthy congregation? Pastor Marcin has found secrets and necessary pieces to having a properly functioning biblical community.

You too can receive the revelation of the Church, which will be a gift for you, and the people in your congregation. You will learn things such as:

  • Who is supposed to release believers into their full potential?
  • Who is supposed to lead people into ministry?
  • Who is supposed to reveal to the world the fullness of Christ?

Are you going to establish the church that is God’s answer to powerless religion that shrouds the churches of today?

Move to a place where understanding and accepting the Word of God will be easier for you, and for your people! If you want to be a part of God’s move, prepare yourself for changes! Be raised! Be equipped! Be prepared!

Get practical implications of how to build God’s church according to the pattern in heaven!

Establish churches that will manifest God’s life, God’s power, God’s order, and God’s wisdom.

Decide now to enter into the greatest blessings God has for your life, and for your church!

Is everything
that we call “church”
really a church?

In the Christian literature market there are many books that describe the relationship between man and God, and guides on how to live a fulfilled life. Not many books, however offer thorough teaching on the subject of the New Testament Church, its foundations, and ways of operation. Whereas it is the healthy church that is the condition for experiencing the fullness of God’s touch in our communities, families, and the nations. The book, “The Church Full of Glory” contains the basics of the apostolic doctrine, it discusses principles established by Jesus – the Head of the Church – and uncovers incorrect spiritual practices of many modern churches. The book has been written from the position of a practicing pastor with over a decade of experience in leading a local church, being a spiritual father to many leaders and pastors of local churches. It contains a prophetic message for the Church of Jesus Christ of the present day.

“Let us discover what a biblical church is really like, and try to make our churches just like it!”

About the author

Marcin Podżorski is the founder and Senior Pastor of Church of Glory, in Warsaw, Poland. He is a man of great vision, faith, and a pioneering spirit. He carries an apostolic message for the church at large. His ministry has influenced many pastors and Christian leaders, by igniting in them a fire to pursue their callings, and lead a victorious life. He is the creator of various Christian seminars and conferences,. He is also the founder of a school of ministry called, “The School of God’s Leaders,” where he gives lectures regularly. Together with his wife, Pastor Urszula Podżorska, who supports her husband in fulfilling the vision, and lead the ministry of intercession for the church. Together, they live in Warsaw, Poland, and have two children.


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