Introducing Sound of Glory’s latest album …in ENGLISH!

For years Sound of Glory worship band has been producing authentic and original music in Warsaw, Poland that has been heard around the world. Released on December 6th, 2019 for the first time ever, an album in English.

What happens when heaven invades earth? The presence of God manifests, the love of Jesus flows, miracles happen, and faith is released. People are delivered, healed, others are called to ministry. Many receive prophetic words and direction for their lives.

The Church of Jesus Christ was designed to manifest heaven on earth, and MUSIC is one of the most powerful tools to serve this purpose.
Sound of Glory represents a unique quality in contemporary Christian music today. Dynamic music, a distinctive rock sound, and prophetic lyrics characterize its newest album, “Heaven’s Invasion.” Every track on this album emanates momentum, strength, and God’s mighty power.
Discover the true meaning of worship, and experience Heaven’s Invasion in your life!

The album is available on Amazon, iTune, and Church of Glory’s online shop.

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the Kingdom of God


In the Christian worship market there are many albums that contain music, but lack the ability to truly move the heart and soul into the presence of God. “Heaven’s Invasion,” was birthed in a movement of revival in Poland, and captures something fresh that God is doing. When you listen to the music we believe that you will have an encounter with God. This music is perfect for times of prayer, church services, and more. When heaven invades everything changes around us, and we believe as you listen to this music that God will bring a change in your life.

About Sound of Glory

Sound of Glory has always been a team that has been creating original worship music, and carefully making their focus about seeking God. The simple but powerful lyrics of the songs are birthed from the moments of corporate prayer, the messages preached each weekend, and from the personal encounters people are having with God.


We welcome you to join us on their journey of pursuing God through biblical worship, and chronicling the move of God in Poland and Europe through music.  

Black and white SOG

Available Now!

“Heaven’s Invasion” can be yours today! Download it by visiting Itunes, Google Play,, or our online bookstore.