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Heaven’s Invasion

What happens when heaven invades earth? The presence of God manifests, the love of Jesus flows, miracles happen, and faith is released. People are delivered, healed, others are called to ministry. Many receive prophetic words and direction for their lives. The Church of Jesus Christ was designed to manifest heaven on earth, and MUSIC is one of the most powerful tools to serve this purpose. Sound of Glory represents a unique quality in contemporary Christian music today. Dynamic music, a distinctive rock sound, and prophetic lyrics characterize its newest album, “Heaven’s Invasion.” Every track on this album emanates momentum, strength, and God’s mighty power. Discover the true meaning of worship, and experience Heaven’s Invasion in your life! The album is available on Amazon, iTune, and Church of Glory’s online shop.

The Church full of Glory

Is everything that we call ”church” really a church?

In the Christian literature market there many books that decribe the realationship between man and God, and guides on how to live a fulfilled life. Not many books, however offfer thorough teaching on the subject of the New Testament Church, its foundations, and ways of operation. Whereas it is the healthy church that is the condition for experiencing the fullness of God’s touch in our communities, families, and the nations. The book, ”The Church Full of Glory” contains the basic apostolic doctrine, it discusses principles established by Jesus – the Head of the Church – and uncovers incorrect spiritual practices of many modern churches. The book has been written from the position of a practicing pastor with over a decade of experience in leading a local church, being a spritual father for many leaders and pastors of local churches. It contains a prophetic message for the Church of Jesus Christ of the present day.

Start a new life… today!

Because of Jeus life has a reset button! In this book the author shares with you truths that can totally transform your life. The new birth is the doorway into a whole new life of blessings. It is the key that unlocks all of the promises of God. Let us consider together, what you might call 17 „birthday presents” that become yours when you are „Born Again.”