About Sound of Glory

Sound of Glory has always been a team that has been creating original worship music, and carefully making their focus about seeking God. The simple but powerful lyrics of the songs are birthed from the moments of corporate prayer, the messages preached each weekend, and from the personal encounters people are having with God.

We welcome you to join us on our journey of pursuing God through biblical worship, and chronicling the move of God in Poland through music.  

Meet the Team

The Sound of Glory Team is comprised of people from all different professional backgrounds, regions, and even from other nations. Though what makes them a united team is their passion to worship God. Some are professional opera singers, and others have stepped into their destinies as musicians for God. Together they are raising their voices to bring God honor in Poland, and in Europe.


Ula Matan, Worship Pastor

Ula Matan is the worship pastor for the Sound of Glory worship team. She has been a part of the worship ministry of Church of Glory for over 30 years. She has helped compose music for the group, and has helped produce five albums in Polish. She has written over 30 songs, and many have been translated into English. As a pastor, she also preaches at various conferences and events around Poland. She is a pioneer in charismatic church of Poland, and is being used by God to help raise up the next generation of worship leaders and worshipers in Poland. She leads worship for the school of ministry, and is one of the teachers in the school of ministry (SBL, School of God’s Leaders). You can catch her leading worship regularly at Church of Glory-Warsaw, or in various conferences held around Poland.

Prior to her pastoral ministry, she was an acclaimed soprano opera singer, and has her doctorate in performing arts. She lives in Warsaw with her husband Piotr and their son.

You can reach her at: u.matan@churchofglory.pl

Paweł Haponiuk​, Worship Leader

Since the early 90’s, Paweł has been involved in the worship ministry of Church of Glory. As the worship leader, he works with more than 30 members of the Sound of Glory worship team. His motto is, “God dwells in praises of His people.” For him the purpose of worship in a church setting is to invite God’s presence to the meetings, and let Him take control over it. This comes only from having a life that is completely surrendered to God’s purposes. Working with his team he emphasizes two fundamental principals:

  • Development of a personal relationship and victorious life with God
  • Personal music skills development

His dream is to develop people who have their character fully shaped, who are sensitive to flow in the Holly Spirit, and who are experienced with following in worship.
Paweł and his wife Anna currently live in Warsaw with their two children.

You can reach him at: p.haponiuk@churchofglory.pl


Contact Sound of Glory

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