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About us

Church of Glory is Polish, a non-denominational, dynamic, apostolic and educational centre that was established in the 90’s in Warsaw, with several local churches nationwide.

We joined together because of the living faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to follow Him in everyday life. We are a new generation of victorious Christians who confirm the power of the Gospel with our lives.

Church of Glory vision is to build strong local churches that carry God’s presence, demonstrate His Kingdom and influence regions; to train and equip a newgeneration of ministers and leaders across Poland and Europe.

Our distinctive character is ticsis radical teaching of the Word of God, fervent prayer that brings about break throughs in people’slives as well as unique music that is focused on glorifying and praisingGod.

We reach out to people from all social and age groups. At Church of Glory, single people as well as whole families can experience real spiritual growth, be equipped for living victorious personal and professional lives, and get wisdom for everything they do.

Through various projects, like the School of God’s Leaders, School of Ministry, and  Daily Bible School, hundreds of believers experience the power of Jesus to change their lives.

Regular church services take place every Sunday in Warsaw and other cities and towns in Poland (link:

Friday prayer services and Sunday services are transmitted live online with English translation on our FB profile (link

You are warmly invited to our meetings.