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Daily Bible School

Church ministries:

DailyBible School

Every year Church of Glory welcomes new students to Daily Bible School – an institution to train pastors and leaders where they receive a fresh revelation of the Word regarding different areas of ministry, as well as the support in their personal relationship with Jesus.

School of Ministry

Everyquarter the School of Ministryis run– a two-day seminar for pastors and leaders, equipping them for the upcoming season and allowing to go deeper in the understanding of the plans of God.

The Travelling Bible School

In 2018 to further equip and streng then the believers, the Travelling Bible School has been launched – a cyclic weekend seminarat Church of Glory local churches.

Worship Ministry

One of  Church of Glory well known ministriesis Sound of Glory. Worship ministry, with more than a hundred of songs and 6 released albums, is unique on a global scale – it carries a strong, breakthrough anointing and taps deeply into the heavenly realm.

Children and Youth

In ourchurch we shape a newgeneration of children and youthwhom we teach the Word of God, how to pray and worshipGod.

Evangelism Ministry

As a part of its Evangelism Ministry Good News is preached in the streets of  Warsaw and other cities in Poland.

Church actively prays for the sick and brings people to Jesus. Also helps those in need.

Church of Glory ministry teams go on mission trips across Poland to minister in newly established local churches and groups.

Publishing House

Church of Glory reaches Christian community in Poland, and the society as such, through various means. ”Hope for the Future,” its Publishing House, has translated into Polish a dozen of books by renowned international ministers.

In 2017,  a book was published written by Marcin Podżorski, Church of Glory senior pastor, ”Church Full of Glory” – a revelatory teaching on the foundations of the New Testament church and different dimensions of its functioning in XXI century. It has been translated into English and is available online.

Magazine „Voice of Revival”

In 2019 Church of  Glory has launched a new magazine, ”Voice of Revival”.“Voice of Revival” magazine address escurrent, spiritual, and socialissues from a Christian perspective. Authors, stories, and interviews focus on how to: discover God’s destiny for your life, live at your full potential, influence your generation, have break through in your personal life, family and business life, and last but definitely not least – how to build strong, apostolic churches that will influence regions.

Motivation al stories, apostolic teachings, prophetic inspirations and up-to-date social commentaries. The magazine is currently available nationwide, and distributed in bookstores in Poland.