We Warmly Welcome You!

Church of Glory is a dynamically developing, non-denominational church. People from different walks of life are gathering here weekly, to pursue faith in Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to raise up a church full of God’s presence, that equips Christians to be victorious. We desire to spread the gospel, to impact lives in Poland, and around the world. We invite all believers and those who are searching for God, to be apart of our weekly meetings. We have services on Friday nights at 7:30pm, and Sunday mornings at 10:30am.

Please let an usher or greeter know that you are visiting, and need translation. If you cannot make it to a service, we also offer our services on streaming video with English translation. You can watch live on our website or by going to our You Tube channel.


Sound of Glory is the worship team of Church of Glory. Lead by Pastor Ula Matan, and worship leader Paweł Haponiuk. The team has a heart for the spirit of revival, and for creating a place where God can come down in HIS glory among the people of God. Their original music is touching the lives of people all over Poland, and now the world. To find out more about Sound of Glory and their music, click the link below.

Voice For Europe is not your average Christian TV program. We’re sitting down with leaders from around the world to discuss the hot topics that matter the most to Europeans. Our “I am a voice” stories are powerful testimonies of how God brought them hope, and breakthroughs.

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