Children, youth and young adults ministries

Children Ministry (ages 2-12)

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We help the youngest generation grow in the knowledge of God and live a strong and victorious faith life.

We invite your children to the children services every week.

The services take place simultaneously with the adult services, in a separate room accommodated to the needs of children of different ages. School-aged children receive a participation certificate which is acknowledged by the state elementary schools.

Toddlers (ages 0-2)

During the services, the youngest children are taken care of by their parents. There is a place to take a nap, and a separate playroom for the two-year-olds. The sound system there enables the parents to listen to the church services from the main room.

Little Discoverers (ages 2-5)

Children under 5 are taught to pray, worship and listen to the Word of God. To help them grow spiritually, the classes combine spiritual activities with games and visual arts activities.

Children in Action (ages 6-12)

The children of this age group actively participate in the life of the church: they fast, attend children intercessory prayer meetings, share the Gospel, give their offerings and tithe. They study the Bible, learn to pray and worship, respect authorities, and esteem the house of God. They become disciples of the Lord Jesus, ready to serve others in their environment.

Leader of the Children Ministry:


Ela Panek is an educator and tutor with long-time experience.
She and a group of teachers constitute a passionate team of people full of the Holy Spirit.

Youth and Young Adults Ministries

KCH Youth 

Salt of the earth – light of the world!

This group is formed by youth, ages 13-17. They meet once a month on Saturday, and have workshops every Friday night.

They learn how to become spiritual leaders who effectively make a difference in their surroundings! They work on their character, get a practical understanding of what a church is, and serve God and people.

The leaders of the ministry emphasize the importance of the daily intimate relationship with Jesus, teach the youth to apply the Word of God to every area of their lives. They pray with the youth and support them in the hardships of adolescence.

The young people go to summer youth camps every year, and get involved in the life of the church.

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Young Adults

Royal Generation

This is a group of 20- and 30-year-olds who gather once a month on Saturdays. Their meetings start with worship, and the teaching of the Word addresses practically the important issues of their lives. There is also a time for testimonies, united prayer, chatting and fellowship.

The Young Adults co-organize evangelistic outreaches, worship concerts at the Warsaw Old Town, and missionary trips to other places in Poland.

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Leader of Young Adults Ministry:

Leader of Young Adults Ministry is Nadia Medvid.

A woman of prayer and worship, a mother of two adult daughters. She is full of passion and love for Jesus.

She teaches the young people to love the Word, and manifests with her life that with God all things are possible. Nadia is supported by assistant leaders who have the same fire and love for this generation in their hearts.

Leaders of KCh Youth:

KCh Youth leaders are Anna and Damian Kalbarczyk.

They share the Gospel and serve God with passion and commitment.
Their faith have passed the tests of everyday life, and enabled them to be used effectively by the Holy Spirit to usher the young generation to changes and breakthroughs in spiritual and natural issues.