The origins of the movement from which the Church of Glory emerged date back to the 1990s, when on the wave of social change in Poland, in an atmosphere of spiritual renewal, independent Christian churches began to grow.

A small group of Christians in Warsaw developed into a dynamically growing church that from its beginning has been characterized by radical teaching of the Word of God, unique, lively music and passionate prayer. Over the past several years, the church has established local centers in various regions of Poland, held over 100 conferences and seminars, trained hundreds of believers, many of whom became leaders of local communities. The church organized several permanent and outreach editions of Bible schools, conducted dozens of evangelistic actions, created a pioneering model of working with children and young people, and shaped a unique musical and spiritual style of worship that is recognized both in Poland and abroad.

The church established the Hope for the Future Foundation, which has published several dozen books and 6 music albums with original songs by the church's Sound of Glory band. Between 2004 and 2012, together with the Foundation, the church was a co-publisher of "Purpose" Christian magazine that influenced thousands of believers in Poland. In April 2019, a new magazine "Voice of Revival" (called “Voice” at present) was launched, which promotes the ideas of revival and reformation in society and comments on important social and political trends.

From the very beginning, the activities of the Church of Glory in Poland have been in every respect pioneering and apostolic. In the field of music and worship of God, effective and breakthrough prayer in people's lives, the uncompromising character of the preached Word, innovative work with children and youth, and finally the missionary dynamism, as the Church breaks down stereotypes and sets new directions for the development of churches in Poland.