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Children, youth and young adults ministries

I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.

Strong, steady, rooted in God’s Word, sure of what they believe and who they are. Victorious and unstoppable!

Such young people are raised by apostolic church. Such people are needed in the world today.

And on such people does depend our future.

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Prayer Ministry

Intercessory prayer of the church. Individual prayer support.

Prayer meetings of the church take place twice a week on site as well as online.

Besides general issues of the church and nation, we also pray for individual needs of people .

The leader of this ministry is pastor Ula Podżorska.

If you have a prayer request or wish to join the team, write to us.

Prayer request
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Evangelistic ministry

We go wherever God opens the door for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on the earth.

Evangelism is not temporary actions – it is our lifestyle.

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Warsaw, during Spring-Autumn period we organize worship concerts at the Warsaw Old Town, we visit hospitals to pray for the sick, and go on missionary trips to other cities in Poland.

Leader: Anna Brzezińska

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Marriage and family

Support for engaged couples and young married people.

Spouses-to-be attend individual teaching classes to get ready for marriage.

The classes are led by pastor Robert Niemiec and his wife Hanna.

If you need help write to:

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Technical ministry, ushers, interpreters

We combine our passions and skills, so that every participant of our services may feel like home.

Setting up a service, taking care of its technical side and online transmission require involvement of over twenty persons.

Technical ministry team is led by Adam Bartos and Sławek Skiba.

Ushers work under the supervision of Sylwester Panek.

Interpreters are directed by Emil Onyszczuk.

If you are 16 or more, you are invited to join one of these ministries.

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Catering and café

Aromatic coffee, spongy cakes, crusty sandwiches.

We create room for you to enjoy the company of others. We chat at coffee and tea, get to know one another, and build relationships. During conferences and seminars we gladly entertain guests from other places.

Welcome 30 minutes before and after each service.

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On-site bookstore

Books, music, teachings, “Voice” Christian magazine.

The bookstore is open for half an hour before and after each service. We also sell Bibles.

If you would like to buy a larger amount of publications, call us at 534 841 254, or send an e-mail to:

Besides that, visit the online shop of our foundation, Hope for the Future.