Cookie policy

The Church of Glory website uses cookies for gathering data about the utilization of the service. The cookies enable us to:

•    adjust the service to the users’ needs,
•    report the viewing statistics of the service,
•    maintain the user’s session after logging-in without the necessity of entering their login and password on every subsite.

You can turn the mechanism off at any moment in the settings of your browser.

Utilizing the Church of Glory website without changing cookies settings results in saving them in the memory of your device. If you disagree, please, change your browser’s settings or leave the website.

What data is saved by the cookies, and what is its purpose?
Text files (so called, cookies) may be saved on your device’s hard disc to facilitate the operation of the service.
Some of the cookies used for defining statistics of Google Analytics are: _utma, _utmc, _utmz.

How to disable cookies?
You can choose to save or reject cookies in the settings of your browser.
In Firefox: Options≥ Privacy
In Chrome/Edge: Settings≥ Advanced settings≥ Privacy ≥ Content settings
In Internet Explorer: Tools≥ Internet options ≥ Privacy (you can choose different levels of protection) ≥ Advanced
In Opera: Preferences ≥ Advanced≥ Cookies
Every browser has its individual cookies settings.

The Church of Glory website does not sell or avail its cookies to third parties.

The cookies do not contain sensitive personal data.