Sound of Glory Worship

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What is worship?

Sound of Glory Worship

Sound of Glory presents a totally new quality in contemporary Christian music. Due to unconventional sounds, dynamism and prophetic worship the hearers may experience presence of the Holy Spirit – enter the supernatural, a place where all things are possible.

Worship that opens heaven

When heaven comes down on the earth, the presence of God is manifested, people fall in love with Jesus and want to serve Him. Miracles happen, people are set free, get healed, called to ministry, receive prophetic words and guidance for their lives. They get strength to overcome challenges and obstacles.

It is time for Poland to offer  God the kind of worship He really deserves – worship that opens heaven and transforms the earth!

„Heaven’s Invasion”

Sound of Glory’s album “Heaven’s Invasion”

Dare to turn it on and listen. Worship and pray with us, and you will experience heaven’s invasion and the power of God’s Kingdom in your life.

Worship team leader

Urszula Matan


Dr. Urszula Matan


Worship pastor in the Church of Glory and a leading vocalist in the Sound of Glory music band.

Musician and educator, doctor of vocal studies. For many years, she was an opera singer. She has over thirty years of experience in ministry . She is the author of numerous songs. Over the years she has educated a new generation of people devoted to worship.