Come and experience divine love, power, freedom and healing

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Church of Glory is a dynamically developing Christian church. Our headquarters are in Warsaw, but you can find us also in some other cities and towns across Poland.

We base our faith on the truth of the Bible. Our objective is to glorify God in our everyday lives and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are distinguished by:
•    teaching the Word of God which gives wisdom and strength to live,
•    praying with faith and fervency,
•    exciting worship music which draws people to God and gives Him glory.

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Reach the people – change the nation

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We build a church which preaches the uncompromised truth of God’s Word, makes people disciples of Christ, and enforces authority and power of the Kingdom of God on the earth through prayer.

What Can You Expect?

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We gather at services each Friday and Sunday to worship God, pray, listen to His Word, and celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Come and take your family with you. We have classes for children and youth in several age groups.

Our services are interpreted into English and Ukrainian.

After a service you can talk to us about issues which are important to you. We will also pray with you if you need it.

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Coming events

  • 14 July - 10:00

    Sunday Service

    English and Ukrainian interpretation available. Welcome to the bookstore and café before and after the service.

  • 19 July - 19:30

    Friday Evening Service

    English and Ukrainian interpretation available. Welcome to the bookstore and café before and after the service!

Our Worship - Sound of Glory

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Joyous, victorious, and full of the Holy Spirit!

While I live I will praise the Lord; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.
Psalm 146:2

Every one of us have been created to worship God through songs, thanksgiving and everyday lifestyle. The worship at the Church of Glory is characterized by dynamic, cheerful songs inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The music style of the Sound of Glory as well as their original lyrics based on the Bible carry a message of power, might and glory of God and the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Come and worship Him with us!

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Children and Youth Ministry

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We raise a young generation of believers

We lead children and youth to the personal acquaintance with and real experience of Jesus. We create for them a safe place where they can grow spiritually, have their character shaped and abilities developed. We show them how they can live close to God day by day, how to listen to His voice, and how to pray for their needs and challenges.

Children and youth

Foundation and Publishing House

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Hope for the Future

Publishing, missionary and educational activities. Social support and charity.

We publish books, the „Voice” Christian magazine, teachings, and e-books. We run both an internet and a traditional bookstores.