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At the end of 2019 we launched a cooperation with local churches in Western Kenya, in the vicinity of Lake Victoria.

Pastors who contacted us wish to be a part of the Church of Glory’s vision, and they consider us to be their spiritual home.

They believe Christians can live victorious lives, they spread the Gospel extensively in the surrounding villages as well as among the Maasai people.

Mission in Kenya I want to support


Since 2019 we have cooperated with a church in Lahore led by pastor Vicky Eric who carries out missionary, charity, and educational activities. The church takes care of the poorest and widows, strives for women’s rights, and provides education to 150 children.

Pastor Vicky goes on evangelistic trips to the nearby communities, having a deep desire to plant churches where people can experience Jesus.

Mission in Pakistan I want to support


After the war in the Ukraine broke out in February 2022, the Church of Glory and “Hope for the Future” Foundation got involved in supporting the casualties of the invasion, including help for Ukrainian churches, as well as the war refugees in Poland.

Mission in the Ukraine I want to suport

Leader of Missions Ministry:

Maria Brzezińska – coordinator of foreign missions. She has shared the Gospel and taught the Word in numerous cities in Poland. She is a former leader of the Young Adults Ministry at the Church of Glory in Warsaw.

She has a desire in her heart to help believers in developing countries step into a life of victories and breakthroughs in God.